Monday, May 5, 2008

My links

I might as well describe the sites I've linked to a little, so that anyone reading this knows what those sites are and why I've linked to them. So, here we go.

Topping my list is Giant in the Playground Games. Aside from having a forum for discussion of all sorts of games, especially Dungeons and Dragons, GitP is also home to one of the best webcomics I've read, Order of the Stick. If you like parody comics that poke fun at roleplaying games, I highly recommend it.

Second on the list is The Nerd Report. This is another blog that was started at almost the same time mine was, and I took note of it. The people working on that blog are trying to create a news site for nerds, and since I'm one such, I thought that I'd gladly support them in that goal.

Following that is GameFAQs. I use this site whenever I need help with a video game. The site features guides contributed by really anyone for just about any game you can think of. I've always turned there first when I was looking for game help online, and I've usually gotten that help as well.

Finally, we have This website is bascially a Flash game arcade, and there are quite a few games on there that I enjoy. If you want to waste some time playing Flash games online, that site is as good as any to find something to do.

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Just dropping by to thank you for the link. You might want to check out the latest opinion column; it concerns your interests.