Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cool new stuff

Just wanted to post out of my schedule to let people know about some new things that I have. I'm adding a few new links, and I have a new capability as well.

First for the links. The first of those is a link to the webcomic Misfile. It's an absolutely hilarious story that I can't even really begin to explain. Suffice to say that if everything that exists is controlled by a filing depository in heaven, then a misfile can have some catastrophic results. Certainly nothing that I'd want to deal with, since I'm satisfied with the last two years of my life and with my current identity.

Second, I've added a link to the social networking site, Facebook. I just recently created my own Facebook page, which spurred my desire to add a link here. I do realize that I haven't put enough information in my profile to allow anyone reading this alone to find me on Facebook, but for now I prefer it that way. Eventually, I may add my real name to my profile, and when or if I do, I would welcome messages sent to my Facebook page, but for now, I'm remaining anonymous.

Finally, I'm adding a link to the TV Tropes and Idioms wiki. This wiki has resolved as its mission to document the common tricks of the trade used in creating fiction. It's a very interesting website, and I often use it when searching for information on anime series, as it also documents many TV shows, if only to share some of the common tricks that are found in that show. It has also expanded far beyond just TV, and can thus be used to learn more about many if not all forms of entertainment created today.

That's it for the links. But... I did say I had a new capability. I just got a new computer to take to college with me, a Dell XPS M1530 laptop. And one of the features of that laptop is a built-in webcam, which means I can now record video of myself or of my surroundings. I don't plan on using that ability much, just because I like posting essays onto my blog as opposed to videos of myself reading essays. But I don't mind speaking, and I may choose to make a speech on some topic in the future. Either way, I have the option now.

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