Sunday, June 29, 2008

My sincerest apologies

Well, my last post came almost 3 weeks ago. So much for trying to update every week. Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to write unless I'm in the right mood, and that mood has proven to be very random and hard to pin down. Compounding the problem, my family left for a vacation on the 18th, and only just got back this last Saturday the 28th. Although I did technically have Internet access, there were two problems. One, that access cost money, and two, I was only slightly distracted by the many other things to do onboard the Carnival Spirit. Yay for cruise ships!

Anyway, back to blog issues. I am planning to change my update schedule, in light of a few things that I've come to realize over my long absence. I'm abandoning the random update schedule, and will now make better use of the scheduling functions that are available to me to make my updates regular. Starting this Saturday, July 5th, there will be regular weekly updates, in the evenings at about 2000 hours. (Or 8:00 pm for those who prefer civilian time.) Theoretically, I'll be a little more motivated to create material with an actual deadline to meet. More likely, I'll be feverishly writing something to satisfy my obligation to my blog at 1957 hours every Saturday. But at least I'll have something every Saturday now. If I actually am more motivated and start building up a long line of posts waiting to be scheduled, I might increase the rate of posting.

Finally, I do sincerely apologize to everyone that was spending their time over the last three weeks checking this page and hoping for new posts. I was hoping, when I created this blog, that I'd be able to create something interesting about modern entertainment, and I can't create any interest if I leave three-week-long holes in the new posts.

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